The Workshop

Learn how to produce research papers of the highest quality suitable for the world’s top journals
A unique approach

OUR scientific writing workshops are unique. With a balance of thought-provoking lectures, carefully chosen exercises and one-to-one feedback, we focus on the fundamentals of good communication and how to use them to produce scientific papers of the highest quality. We also offer personal one-to-one feedback on how to apply all these ideas to your own writing, a service that early-career scientists and engineers find particularly useful. Our workshops are designed to give you a competitive edge in the increasingly cut-throat worlds of science and engineering. We hope they can contribute to your success.

  • The structure of good writing

    We focus on the structure of good writing, from sentences and paragraphs to abstracts and entire papers

  • Thought-provoking lectures

    Our experienced instructors will change the way you think about planning, writing and editing scientific papers

  • Carefully-chosen exercises

    Learn by watching and then by doing with exercises designed to explore the new ideas you'll be learning

  • A personal touch

    With one-to-one feedback, we'll show you how to apply the ideas you learn to your own writing

Our Team

Meet our experienced instructors
Mark Buchanan
Mark Buchanan
Mark Buchanan is a physicist and science writer based in Europe. A former editor with the international science journal Nature and also New Scientist, he is the author of three books and numerous articles exploring the ideas of modern physics. He writes occasionally for the New York Times, and has a monthly column in Nature Physics.
Justin Mullins
Justin Mullins
Justin Mullins is a consultant editor at New Scientist where he has covered everything from Chernobyl to the construction of the International Space Station. He was New Scientist’s San Francisco bureau chief during the dotcom boom and later its Boston Editor. He is also the author of the Physics arXiv Blog (@arxivblog).



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